Regarding SideThrifting and the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

by Allie Brown

Hey everyone,

My head is spinning after getting the call today saying that schools will remain closed indefinitely.  


I was waiting for certain movies to hit the theatres and waiting to plan birthday parties and I was even looking forward to taking a Spring Break staycation. 

Life as I knew it is over.  That is just a reality.

I think I will forever carry a scar.  Scars may fade, but they are reminders of an unpleasant event.  I don't have all the answers, but I have hope and faith in the future.

As life has taken a turn, certain things have not.

I am, and my family are, resellers.  That doesn't change unless there is no way to have items delivered.

The most silver of silver linings to this situation is the fact that I work from home.  I can resell no matter where I am.  Thank goodness.

Although I am not hitting the stores as I would normally do, I happen to have so much inventory that needs a good home.  I am here to pay it forward for those of you out there who cannot thrift or shop right now.

So, shop the site and grab a few things that will happily be sent to you with tons of good wishes and brotherly and sisterly love.